The Marketing Service of MSP

Realize your visions with censhare's Strategic Partner.

Facilitating work, generating capacity

Efficient processes and workflows facilitate day-to-day work and create space for creativity. The All-in-One Marketing Platform censhare makes it happen. Therefore, you can keep your data and content under control, reduce the administrative and coordination effort and manage all communication channels within one system.

Boost your productivity and achieve optimal results for your marketing activities. We accompany you on the way towards this goal.

  • Consulting

    Want to organize your marketing more efficiently? We pay our full attention to your needs and requirements and identify the right solution. This includes an analysis of existing structures as well as a thorough strategic plan, with each and every optimization linked to a change in current workflows. We provide support through all stages of your project.

  • Project Management

    We assist you through the complete system implementation and coordinate conceptual as well as technical requirements. Thanks to the high level of our employees' qualification and the usage of modern project management tools, we can reach goals in time, in budget and in quality.

  • Conception

    We create a concept with optimized processes – efficient and in quality. Furthermore, we think and plan long term and take industry-specific as well as technological factors into consideration. This can involve all areas of marketing and communications – from the production of classic advertising material to social media and mobile applications.

  • Development

    Our development team customizes the standards of censhare for your specific needs. Therefore, additional interfaces and functionalities can be created. For instance, we developed a module for the retail sector, which makes the use of product information more efficient for the production of advertising materials, such as the adaptation of regional differences.

  • Integration

    We guide and support you right from the beginning –from the planning stage to the launch and if necessary we can manage your IT infrastructure. During the implementation, we secure that organizational and technical requirements are on point. Moreover, we help you train your employees and migrate data.

  • Support

    Once it is setup, our technical support will assist you with further needs. The scope of support is defined individually for each customer. The responsible project manager remains informed of all steps and processes in order to address your particular needs.

Endless search and administration are over

Max Pusch, CTO at MSP AG

The dissolution of folder structures requires a great deal of rethinking by many people as they have predominantly worked in hierarchies over the past few years. They know that you start from the top and click your way down to the target file through each folder. Nevertheless, business processes have grown over the past decades and have not suddenly turned bad just because other possibilities exist. We try to take these business processes and wrap them into new technologies and use them as best practices directly. The results that we achieve in one industry we further employ and develop with each customer. Therefore, our software modules always adapt to new requirements and are available to a broad audience. (Source: The Produktkulturmagazin, issue Q2 2017)


"The biggest problem is when you become more and more concerned with managing data instead of actually taking action."
Max Pusch | MSP AG