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Managed Firewall Services

A firewall protects your data and virtual business processes from attacks from the network. For this to happen reliably, the system must always be up to date and maintained by experts. This costs time and resources that you can save with the help of our Managed Firewall Services. MSP relies on the latest products from industry leader Barracuda.

Defend against threats

Our managed firewall services prevent production or System failures that can be caused by cyber attacks such as malware, viruses or worms.

Protection against data theft

The firewall monitors all ports through which uninvited guests could access sensitive company data - in the company, home office or at external appointments. VPN makes secure and flexible work possible.

Regular updates

Our specialists carry out regular and tested updates. This relieves your IT and keeps your firewall up to date at the same time. Update gaps do not occur.

Save time and money

Benefit from our managed services and save the costs of purchasing your own hardware and licenses. We take over the installation, maintenance and responsibility for the firewall (liability shifting).

Managed Firewall Services

Advantages of the Managed Firewall Services

  • Scalable subscription solution

    No purchase of own firewalls and no effort for their operation.

  • Operated by certified professionals

    MSP takes care of installation, maintenance and monitoring.

  • More efficiency

    Organisational challenges are outsourced.

  • Always up to date

    Software updates and hardware replacement throughout the rental period.

  • Reliable maintenance

    Fast update cycles and daily configuration backup.

  • Optimal for SMEs

    Scalable to your requirements.


  • Compliance with legal regulations and compliance requirements

  • Audit-proof configuration

  • IDS / IPS

  • Active Directory Support

  • Optimized for VoIP

  • SD-WAN / Applications and VPN via multiple providers | Traffic Intelligence

  • Link-Aggregation

  • WAN optimization

  • VLAN management

  • Site-to-Site-VPN | Mobile User VPN

  • Spam filters

  • Easily switch on and off access for employees and business partners

  • 24/7 system monitoring and alarm

  • Standard reports

  • NBD Hardware Exchange

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  • Cloudbased VPN

  • Secure Public Cloud (Azure & AWS)

  • LTE modem for wireless Internet connection

  • Advanced Threat Detection

  • Malware Protection

  • Premium Remote Access

  • Redundant System (Firewall Cluster)

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Customer-specific reports

  • Switching to a larger model during the contract period

  • Premium system monitoring

  • 24/7 Support