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What can we do for you?

Productive and efficient IT processes are the foundation for every department and industry. While you concentrate on your core mission, we look after your complete IT infrastructure including consulting, planning and implementation services as well as IT purchase, administration, maintenance, monitoring, support and documentation. We operate in Germany and cross-border.


As a system house and full-service provider we consult and accompany you through all key topics and projects such as development, implementation and operating of specific solutions right up to strategic IT projects.


We develop and implement the ideal solution for you – from a client server solution to a complete network infrastructure. Our goal is to increase the quality and efficiency of existing processes in a sustained manner. At the same time, we keep the balance between security and user-friendly systems in mind.

Maintenance & Monitoring

We guarantee our customers fast, secure and efficient support. Moreover, we provide a defined monitoring of your IT infrastructure. Our system for the surveillance of data centers is linked to automated alerting, which we receive immediately after a disturbance.

Hardware & Software

Computer-based landscapes change continuously. The MSP system house is your product guide in the department of hardware and software. We analyze the market range and consult you with updates regarding any IT reorganizations – from planning, to purchase and finally to the implementation.


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