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MSP Endpoint Management

MSP Endpoint Management (EPM) takes care of the provisioning and maintenance of your clients and mobile devices. Based on Filewave's central software solution, our Managed Service ensures optimal security and up-to-dateness of your systems with minimal in-house effort. The maintenance of your clients is done proactively, without interfering with your work. Whether you are in your home office, in the field or at your workplace - the MSP EPM provides you with the right software and configuration, tailored to your requirements.

Automatic software distribution

The workspace and devices of all clients can be proactively and automatically provisioned and maintained. The MSP EPM also includes a complete mobile device management system.

Practical self-service kiosk for users

Individual applications and other optional resources can be made available via self-service. This allows your employees to work more productively and relieves your IT department.

Always ready for updates and innovations

Make your endpoints future-proof. The MSP EPM supports the latest technologies, such as the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), but also has your legacy devices under control.

Flexible, secure and with simplified support

Whether you are in your home office, in the field or at your desk - the MSP EPM provides you with the right software and configuration. This can also be provided remotely.

Advantages of MSP Endpoint Management

  • Reduced risk

    Optimal system security with minimal self-administration.

  • Reduces the burden on first level support

    Deployment without IT or end-user interaction.

  • Increased efficiency

    Significantly simplified installation and patch processes.

  • Always the right software

    Optimum device compliance and user productivity.

  • Tailored to your requirements

    Packages and user profiles for easy distribution.

  • Plannable costs

    Flexible, monthly payment according to the number of clients.

MSP relies on Filewave

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  • Automatic Patch Processes

  • Software Management

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Imaging & Deployment

  • Remote Configuration

  • Computer encryption and remote erasure function (wipe) in case of theft

  • Automatic Repair and Reinstallation of Critical Software

  • Easy setup of group and user profiles

  • Supports macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Chrome OS, Android

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  • Easy inventory reporting and management

  • Device and location tracking

  • Comprehensive license management

  • Comprehensive IT inventory

MSP Endpoint Protection

  • Improved stability

    Continuous testing of system functionality.

  • Greater security

    Comprehensive contingency plans to resolve problems.

  • Tailored to your requirements

    Individual procedures and escalation levels.

  • Always up-to-date client software

    Incl. Update of Security Definitions.

  • Everything in view

    24/7system monitoring with standard sensors.

  • Rapid response in an emergency

    24/7 alarm.

MSP relies on ESET

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Advantages of this Software

  • Available for common platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

  • Continuous research and further development

  • Wide range of functions

  • Central Management

  • Ressource-saving and cost-efficient

  • Made in EU